Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Another Home Project Using Recycled and Found Objects

Here’s another project finished!

This is a fence panel that blew down before Thanksgiving. As always, it took longer than I had anticipated; I needed to find some posts, waterproof them, and set them. Then I had to design the whole thing according to the materials on hand, taking into account the deficiencies and inadequacies and quirkiness of those materials. During the period when the whole thing was tossed akimbo on my lawn, several people commented on how nice it was to have it opened to the other parts of my yard. I got comments like “I didn’t know that whole back area was so pretty”, and “You’d better not close off the energy flow.” Who says I don’t listen.

So, with a found gate and re-apportioned hardware, portions of the old fence, a stout beam too short for anything structural, some telephone wire ceramic resistors, a box of screws (new), and about 10 Mondays (maybe 8 actual hours of labor), I present to you my new Chinese New Year, Feng shui-kosher gate to the outside world.